WAMU Theater

Visitor Guide


*If you are requesting a refund for a cancelled event or would like information on a postponed event, please complete this form.

For other ticket information, please email ticketagent@seahawks.com or call 206-381-7848.


Ticketmaster is our official ticket provider. If you purchase tickets through other platforms, we can’t guarantee that they will be valid.

Ticket Safety Information

We love seeing fans share their excitement by posting about their tickets but please remember the importance of keeping your ticket barcodes private. Do not post pictures of your active ticket barcodes on social media or other platforms which can compromise your ticket information and make it more vulnerable to theft. Stick to posting photos without the barcode.

Sale of Tickets on Lumen Field Grounds

The sale, resale, or distribution of tickets on Lumen Field property is expressly prohibited.

VIP Tickets

If you have purchased a VIP Package, please reference the check-in instructions and itinerary for further details on how to pick up your tickets and/or merchandise (if applicable). All VIP Package buyers should receive an email approximately three (3) days prior to event date with all necessary information. Check-in instructions may vary per VIP Package.

Ticket Terms & Conditions:

Admission to Lumen Field and Lumen Field Event Center is governed by terms and conditions. View the full copy here. THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CONTAIN A BINDING ARBITRATION PROVISION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER AND OTHERWISE AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS. By tendering this card and entering the venue, you confirm that you have read and agree to be bound by those terms.  If you transfer or resell your ticket electronically, the ticket becomes void on this card.

Ticket Tips

  • Make sure to have the most up to date Ticketmaster app downloaded before adding to Apple wallet.


Q: What do the numbers after GA mean? Do I need to be somewhere specific for a General Admission show?

A: With the space/area being general admission, all areas are first come, first served. The numbers on your ticket is only for inventory tracking.